Hope Center for Growth's
5th Annual Golf Scramble

Hunting Creek Country Club  
6807 Fox Croft Road  
Prospect, KY 40059  
Phone: 502-228-1106

Monday, June 2, 2014
Shotgun Start at 9:00 am

Hope Center for Growth was founded by a group of parents of teenagers diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental challenges. These parents were motivated by the recognition that while intensive early intervention often achieves huge improvements in skills and self-sufficiency, it is not a guaranteed cure.

Many teenagers and young adults still require intensive skill development and rehabilitive therapy in order to increase the likelihood of achieving some level of indepence, self-sufficiency and personal fulfilment. It is our experience that as our children grow older the quantity and quality of assistance and support for their development and fulfilling involvement in our community diminishes. 

The goals of the Hope Center for Growth are to;

  • Identify the developmental needs of teenagers and adults diagnosed with ASD (and their families) in our community
  • Assess the extent to which those needs are being adequately met
  • Propose and implement or facilitate the implementation of solutions   



 We hope to achieve these goals through;

  • A continuous dialog with the community and with other organizations that either support or interact with this community
  • The provision of a combination of different programs that meet the identified needs    

We developed and implemented an 8 week summer program in 2009 and are already working on the 2013 program. As our resources grow we also have plans for a year round day program. 


Hope Center for Growth
P.O. Box 206151
Louisville, KY 40250


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